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Wolkebclub is born out of a vision of an international investor with extensive knowledge and experience in the e-commerde market and digital solutions, aiming to expand e-commerce into the consumer club model, along with relationship marketing, thereby creating a A highly profitable and innovative business model.

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Our branches

We work with multiple platforms to give you the best opportunities the best benefits club can offer.

Wolkeb Trip

Our travel club with extensive network of tourist products and services.

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Wolkeb Card

Prepaid credit card for you to use in your online purchases.

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Wolkeb Miles

With the miles club, you gain benefits that only the customer has.

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In our cents club, you participate in the largest cents auction in Brazil.

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Wolkeb Shop

In our e-commerce you buy and sell, earning commissions on the sale.

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Wolkeb Off

Wolkeb discount club, the best offers, you can only find here.

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Wolkeb Seller

Exclusive sales e-commerce of Wolkeb Club users.

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Wolkeb Club

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